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  • A’Hoy


    The A’Hoy Slip On Collection of footwear from the Vincent Tropepe Fashion line is catering to the growing trend of slip on footwear.  Slip on footwear in the form of an open sandal are being worn by a wide variety of age groups and usages.  The A’Hoy can be worn on the beach, by the pool, at the gym while showering, in day to day activities in warm climate areas, around the house and can also be worn by athletes after having their feet confined to athletic footwear after practices or games.  The 100% cork bottom makes the feeling on the foot soothing while the rubber rubber bottoms prevents slips.  The three straps not only holds the foot in place but also offers support to the top frontal portion of the foot.

  • Eredita Heritage


    There is not one shoe in the world that screams ITALIAN PRIDE like the Eredita shoe from Chef Step. Like all of the footwear from Chef Step are hand made, hand stitched and made in Italy by our expert shoe makers. Designed by award winning chef, Vincent Tropepe these one of a kind limited edition sneakers will give all the foot support needed no matter how long or where you wear them.

  • In Onda On Air


    Who wouldn’t want to walk on air?? Well now you can! With the IN ONDA model from Chef Step by Chef Vincent Tropepe. Whether you want comfort while on your feet for so many long hours or you just want a stylish and comfortable piece of foot wear we have you covered! Like our Piedi Felici model this sneaker is made to order for you by our expert shoe makers in Italy.

    Specialty Colors for an additional $25 jaguar print, camo classic, and blue textile

  • La Scarpa Beige “The Beige Shoe”


    The Beige Shoe from Chef Step not only offers comfort and quality craftsmanship like all of the other shoes in our collections, it also offers a quiet sophistication to accent an ensemble.

  • Machiato Rosso “A Drop of Red”


    The Machiato Rosso is the perfect shoe to add just that little pop of color to an ensemble. Here pictured with a vibrant rich red leather accent and red stitching. This is the perfect shoe to prove just a little color can go a long way.

  • Piedi Felici Happy Feet


    Nothing compares to the Chef Step Piedi Felici model. After all Piedi Felici translates to “Happy Feet”. Shown here in a wine color. These unisex sneakers offer tons of comfort and style. This sneaker is highly hand stitched to order.

    Specialty colors for an additional $25 are Jaguar print, camo classic and Blue Textile.

  • S’Patrizio


    The S’Patrizio has our rich green color, with white border at the top and front of the shoe.  The sole is a traditional amber color that offers a tremendous amount to the overall design of the shoe.  The S’Patrizio is a prime example of a shoe that’s perfectly balanced in its design.

  • Selvaggio Wild One


    This fun and savy shoe is the wildest design by Chef Tropepe out of the whole collection. The Selvaggio is a unisex sneaker that offers comfort and personality all at the same time. The sneaker can also be dressed up or down depending on the application.

  • Totale Blu


    The Totale Blu cross many boundaries in its looks and age range appeals.  The Vincent Tropepe Fashion Line prides itself on being an all inclusive fashion brand of luxury apparel.  This walking shoe offers great look and comfort with premium blue denim.