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  • Vegan Over Night Duffle


    Going somewhere overnight?  Vincent Tropepe Fashions has designed this Over Night Duffle to fit everything you need in one bag. Handmade in Abruzzo, Italy by artisan craftsmen, the Over Night Duffle is 100% vegan and is huge!  20x12x9. Comes with a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by Vincent Tropepe.

  • Waterproof Adventure Bag


    This handmade Adventure Bag allows you to travel where ever you want with whatever you want, including any type of electronics you choose. This canvas bag is 100% waterproof inside and out and 100% vegan. It’s hand stitched by expert bag makers in Umbria, Italy. With proper care, this bag will serve you well for many years, and will be a part of your day to day life that you will come to rely on.