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  • Alto Chilometraggio


    Vincent Tropepe designed what he calls the Alto Chilometraggio which translates to “High Mileage” and that’s because the women who wear them will be putting tons of mileage on them. This is the first wide heel in our famiglia of women’s formal footwear. This shoe offers the height of a heel to women who don’t feel comfortable wearing them and stability not only on the bottom of the foot but also at the ankle were an all leather strap and buckle is shown.

  • Alto Marrone e Sexy


    This laced gingerbread brown boot remains true to its name, as it certainly is “Tall Brown and Sexy” with a pointed toe and block heel. Accented with a contemporary tassel, this boot offers a tremendous amount of comfort and style.

  • B’Longhi


    The B’Longhi is the very first knee high boot offered by the Vincent Tropepe Fashion line. This unique boot has a jet black boot base and a Cuban heel, with python from the base of the boot all the way to the knee. This boot comes with a durable, quality and stylish silver zipper.

  • Ballerina


    The Ballerina is the first installation in the Vincent Tropepe brand in a flat formal piece of footwear in our women’s collection. The Ballerina comes in our rich violet with black accent across the top. This shoe offers unmatched support and will never make you feel that you are walking directly on the floor.

  • C’Bruni


    The C’Bruni was the very first women’s formal heel created and designed by Vincent Tropepe. This is the heel that started it all! The goal of our formal shoe line is to offer similar comfort that we offer to our sneaker clients. By far the Vincent Tropepe brand offers those qualities like no other brand can. Our entire shoe line in made from vegetable extract leather and is animal friendly. For the C’Bruni our extract leather is treated and detailed to give the cracked look and feel of genuine crocodile skin.

  • Camminado Sulla Linea


    This high heels name says it all! The Walking the Line high heel is a fun and fashionable expression with tons of personality. This is the first open toe high heel in the Vincent Tropepe fashions line and is accents with a black butterfly bow.

  • Cinderella’s Wedge


    If Cinderealla could have worn something else besides that glass slipper to the ball this wedge platform would have been her choice. IT offers height, comfort and much stability.

  • Cuore Sulle Mie Scarpe


    Have you ever heard the expression that someone wears “their heart on their sleeve?” Well now they can wear it on their feet too! The Vincent Tropepe fashion line is excited about the Cuore Sulle Mie Scarpe. This slip on piece of footwear has two layers of leather. The first layer is all black and the second shown in the pictures of our signature pink that is embossed with hearts. When layered the black leather shows through the heart embossing.

  • Dipingere La Citta Rossa


    This stylish red velvet boot will keep true to its name as you “paint the town red.” The extra thick sole and inner lining of this boot will have you feeling comfortable from day to night.